Gallery: LD Pho

A wonderful food and restaurant critique blog that I have been following asked for some food inspired poetry. I happen to like both of those things. I submitted the following

Pronounced “fuh” y’all…………



LD Pho
4722 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

pho pho phreakushly complex pho phlavor
savory slices of tender beef
sweet drops of hoisin
pho pho phorocius heat
drops of neon red siracha
pho pho phloating sprig of cilantro
evolves as you eat
oh yes
use as you please
a little here, a little pear
no. pears. no.
pho pho fresh jalapeño and sprouts
wedge of lime. basil of Thai.
pho pho phrankly my dear. I don’t give a Vietnam
sloth on the broth. It can’t last forever
you know when you arrive at opening
but can’t be served because the chef is late
and no one knows the secret ingredient
……it’s going to be worth the wait
I will dive in and swim one day
with a bean sprout floaty
pho pho pho phoolin
now I’ve got Def Leppard stuck in my head. 

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