How to Chicago: Cliques are Cliché. and Passé. and Blasé.

19. Thrive.  Do not spend the totality of your time socializing with people of your same ethnic background exclusively. Most large cities are melting pots. The world is a large melting pot. Take advantage.  If your hood is all caucasians, head to art fairs, farmers markets, or parks with more ethnic diversity. If your niños go to a predominately Latino school, sign up for a football league that’s more diverse.  Even at my children’s very racially diverse grade school, white parents huddle with white parents. Puertoriqueños gather with Puertoriqueños. Filipinos congregate with Filipinos. Racial cliques are a comfort thing. I get it. But it can it can be a slippery slope and lead to isolation. Isolation can lead to segregation. Segregation leads to racism. And I’m not just saying white against others racism. I’m saying everybody against everybody racism. All ethnicities do it. 

We would all benefit from experiencing what it’s like to be the minority at times. Learning about other cultures first hand will help you learn about yourself. I guarantee it will cut down on some of the fear that grips the world. Fear of anything different from you. 

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