How to Chicago: Refreshment

26.  OK people. Week 26 of the year. Week 26 of this blog. We are halfway through both. 

Thrive. Let’s keep er simple this week for the half-yearly. This has nothing to do with the size of your city so suburbanites, you have my blessing.  Here’s a nugget for good, clean living. Visit the local 7-Eleven and fall in love again with ………the Slurpee. They are so choice. Nothing beats it on a calescent, summer day. Start with Wild Cherry (consider it a serving of fruits and vegetables) and work your way through the flavors.

22oz for $1.39 ! (drop the mic)

14 thoughts on “How to Chicago: Refreshment

  1. Wow it’s crazy how time it’s just flying by! I am not a big fan of slurpees , but my husband enjoys them, always gets some during summer.


  2. Oh yeah summer is soon to finish again. And who would believe that Christmas is coming in few months. But let me enjoy again taking any refreshing treat from 7-Eleven. Feels good!


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