How to Chicago: Death Rant

48. Final 5 weeks will be short and sweet. I’ve purged most of the rubbish clogging my gyri and sulci and for some reason you’re still reading.

I’ll leave you with a few rants because that’s all I have left.

. . . Can we please, PLEASE as a society stop saying that someone has “lost” their battle to cancer once they die. Do we really need to call them losers on their way out. It blows my gyri. So and so has lost. Mighty cancer has won. It has defeated your loved one. Why are we giving cancer more power with this statement?

Saying that someone has lost the battle implies that there was a possibility that it could have been won if only they fought harder. It’s really fucked up.

It is OK to say the word “die”. There is an uneasiness about using this word in society and I do not understand why.

When I die, feel free to say I won my battle against life.