How to Drive Chicago: Turning Right on Red

8. Drive.  Turning right on a red light. Never do it if there’s a camera at the intersection. I don’t care if there’s no sign prohibiting it (which would make it legal).  I’ve gotten photo tickets via mail for making the turn notwithstanding there being no “no turn on red” warning. I went back to the intersections and snapped photos to prove the lack of a prohibiting sign and sent them to the city. They did not care. states Red Light Cameras do not take pictures of vehicles legally turning right on red after a complete stop—as required by law—

I think that’s a load of poppycock.

Do not turn right on a red light if there’s a camera no matter what.

How to Drive Chicago: Red Light Cameras

Welcome to February (best month of the year).

5. Drive.  Want to avoid every red light camera ticket for the rest of your life? Simple. When approaching an intersection turn your attention to the oncoming pedestrian crossing sign. Almost all intersections now give you a giant orange countdown to when your traffic light will turn yellow. Ideal for knowing when to gun it and go for it or when to hit the brakes.  If your car’s front tires enter the intersection (which is usually designated with a thick white stripe) anytime before that light turns red, no ticket can be issued. Watch those timers and you’re welcome.  

No timers at your intersection? Then quickly look to see if there’s a red light camera. They are big and black and in the same location at every intersection. Don’t see them? Then breeze on through wary of cross traffic commencing.

Warning, this is where that karma thing may come into play.